This Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) describes how TMC Global Holdings Sdn Bhd and/or its healthcare professionals use your Personal Data. TMC and/or its healthcare professionals respect the privacy of individuals with regards to Personal Data (hereinafter defined) and are committed to protecting the privacy of our patients (“Patients”). This notice is formulated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and/or its regulations (“Act”) which describes how your Personal Data is collected, processed and used and your choices with respect to your Personal Data.

Description Of Personal Data

  1. Personal Data means personal information about you, from which you are identifiable, including but not limited to your name, identification card number, passport number, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, credit card details, race, nationality, sensitive data such as medical information, any information about your which you have provided to TMC in our registration or application forms and/or any information about you that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed by TMC from time to time.
  2. The provision of Personal Data is mandatory if you intend to seek healthcare services in TMC. If you do not provide your Personal Data, TMC is unable to register your information and thus, unable to render the healthcare services to you.

Sources Of Personal Data Collected

3. In addition to the Personal Data you may provide to TMC directly, TMC may also collect your Personal Data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to information you may furnish when you register with TMC as patient, employees, business associates and other related parties with TMC, from TMC agents or other third party referring agents, when you interact and communicate with our staff at exhibitions, events, roadshows or otherwise, from companies within the TMC Group (herein defined) or by using the Website (hereinafter defined). TMC Group includes TMC, its subsidiaries, affiliated company, associate companies and/or holding company).

Purposes Of Why Personal Data Is Collected

4. TMC may use and process your Personal Data for the purposes relating to the healthcare business and activities of TMC which shall include, but not limited to:-

a) The release and receipt of Personal Data to or by registered medical practitioners, registered dental practitioners, registered nurses, registered medical assistants, technologists or other healthcare staff in accordance with the Private Healthcare Facilities and Service (Private Hospitals and Other Private Healthcare Facilities) Act 1998 and/or its regulations (“Healthcare Act”)  pertaining to medical, dental or other healthcare related information that are performed at the direction of a medical, dental or other healthcare providers attending to you (including consenting to the healthcare professionals having access, inspecting and making relevant copies of the Personal Data). This release and receipt also includes disclosure of Personal Data to the Patient’s employer/insurer or to any other companies issuing guarantees for payment of costs for the healthcare services rendered/to be rendered to a Patient;

b) The disclosure of your Personal Data whenever and to whomever the law or a court order may require.

c) The disclosure of your Personal Data to the suppliers, vendors and/or agents of the Centre if it is required for them to carry out their duties;

d) The disclosure and/or publication of  information relating to the debt in such as manner and to such extent as the Centre shall from time to time consider necessary, without further notification or concurrence by the Patient and/or the guarantor to any parties including credit reporting agencies / credit data management company operating in Malaysia, the auditors, solicitors and other professional advisors of the Centre, any third party if required by law, regulation or by-law, subpoena, court order or other legal process;

e) To enable the Centre to respond to the request for Personal Data which may include your personal data and sensitive information of the Patient in accordance to the Centre’s internal policy and practices which shall be in compliance with the Act.

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